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3P Rogowski Coil CT
3P Rogowski Coil CT

The Flexible Rogowski coil current transformer series is designed for easy-integration in a variety of applications and systems. Rope Style Form Factor Rope-like coil allows it to fit into any constrained spatial configuration ranging from panels, wire bundles or irregular sized bus where regular solid core CT or split core CT cannot be used.


The split design permits non-contact AC current or current pulse measurement without requiring that the primary conductor be taken offline and disconnected for the current sensor installation. This method provides for the safe, easy and portable measurement of current. 
A current sensor that is based upon the Rogowski Coil principle offers significant advantages over the standard magnetic core current transformer products. Specifically, since the sensor does not incorporate a magnetic core, magnetic core saturation (the point where incremental increases in magnetic flux are not reflected in proportional increases in secondary signal outputs) is avoided


Input current range:0-10000A
Output :Flexible Rogowski coils 0.333Vac,100mV/per 1000A,  0-5Vac
Bandwidth :1Hz-1MHz
Accuracy :≤±1%
Response time :<10ms
Auxiliary power supply :6-12VDC
Coil  length :≤2m
Status indicator :LED light
Storage  temperature range :-40ºC-70ºC
Operating temperature range :-20ºC-55ºC
Storage humidity range :10%-90% without dew
Operating humidity range :10%-90% without dew


Rated current (rms) 10A-100KA
Output mV (without integrator)
0-5V AC(with integrator)
Power supply 9V-24V
Coil length 20cm-200cm
Tube UL material
Wire lead Shielded cable
Isolation voltage 3500V
Operating temperature -25ºC-+70ºC
Frequency 50Hz-60Hz
Accuracy ±1%

Dimensions(mm) RS-210 RS-350 RS-420 RS-510 RS-600 RS-800
A Window size((mm)±10% 60mm 103mm 125mm 155mm 180mm 245mm
B Rogowski Coil O.D.(mm)±10% 73mm 120mm 141mm 171mm 201mm 266mm
C Rogowski Coil Diameter 6.5mm 8mm 8mm 8mm 10.5mm 10.5mm
D Wire Lead Diameter 4mm 4mm 4mm 4mm 4mm 4mm


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