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IME Current Transformer
IME Current Transformer
Via Travaglia 7
20094 Corsico (MI) - Italy
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IME was founded in 1946 and it started producing analogue instruments for the measurement of a.c. and d.c. electrical quantities. TodayIME designs and produces analogue and digital measuring instruments and integrated systems for various application fields in Italy: electrical measurement, industrial automation, energy management, and protection. 

Its first breakthrough arrived in the early '70s, when the company widened it product range and introduced electronics, with transducers for the conversion of electrical and physical quantities, as well as digital indicators. 
The company then consolidated its offer of equipment for industrial and service sector systems with automatic circuit breakers for protection product range and energy meters for control product range. 
In the'90s, the evolution continued: modular series, programmable instruments, multifunction measurement devices, man-machine interface.
Actual IME production ranges from the single instrument to the integrated system for centralised measuring management.


Production is divided into the Analogue, Electronic and Transformer divisions. Its aim, in addition to the assembly, customization, instruments calibration and testing, this department conducts ongoing checks on the production lots and the equipment used, in order to assure product quality and repeatability: a very important factor in a company with an annual output capacity of 1.700.000 products with a hundred million parts.

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