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EFEN Current Transformer
EFEN Current Transformer

EFEN bietet intelligente Sicherungs-Systeme und Sicherheits-Schnittstellen für den zuverlässigen Netzbetrieb.

EFEN GmbH was founded in 1922 by Otto Frees in Neudorf, which today is known as Martinsthal. The original activities concentrated on the assembly of electrical fuses for the auto­motive industry. Very soon, the product portfolio was expanded by the production of fuses for all kinds of ap­pli­cations including current-limiting fuses for low- and medium-voltage power distribu­tion systems.

Over the years EFEN introduced numerous pace-making products to the market, meeting customer requests for more compact dimensions, higher levels of operation and simple application.

EFEN was purchased by the WICKMANN-Group in 1985 and gradually took over their activities for medium-voltage fuse-links and fuse-bases

In April 1992 a second location, EFEN Uebigau, was established in eastern Germany.


Head Office Eltville

Uebigau production site

Window-type current transformers and tube-type current transformers

Comprehensive portfolio of windowtype current transformers for primary currents up to 5000 Amps as well as tube-type current transformers up to 600 Amps for line metering or vertical design NH fuse-switches. Also available in PTB-compliant variants for billing purposes.

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Special-purpose current transformers

Wound-primary current transformers for higher classes and powers, summation current transformers for up to 10 window-type current transformers as well as transformers for NH fuselinks complementEFEN’s comprehensive range for special applications.

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Transformer blocks for E³-NH vertical design NH Fuse-Switches

Comfortable and time-saving integration of current transformers into X vertical- design NH fuse-switches. From rear-side installation in fuse-switches of size 00 to the compact design for the terminal space of fuse-switches of size 1 to 3.

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