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DSC Current Transformer
DSC Current Transformer

$0.89/per DSC56/20 100/5A 1cl.Cheapest! model in Asian,South Africa,Russia Market,Samples free!
An old range of (7 frames) plastic case current transformer, low cost.

Busbar mounting
Low cost
Primary current from 5A to 3000A.

Rated Frequency                                           50/60Hz 
Rated test voltage                                               3kV AC. (1 min) 
Rated short-time thermal current(Ith)                      60In 
Rated dynamic current, (Idyn)                              2.5Ith 
Rated voltage,(Um)                                                 0.72Kv AC.
Continuous overload,(Id)                                       1.2In 
Operating temperature                                             -10℃~50℃ 
Housing self-extinguishing class                              VO 
Safety factor                                                        FS 5 
Secondary current                                              5A/1A 


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