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TAS 3Phase Current Transformer
TAS 3Phase Current Transformer
TASN35(242),100/5A 1cl. 6.8$/per,exactly match Rayleigh 3Phase CT.Samples free!
New  Three phases  Current Transformer(M3N1)

3 in 1 current transformer is designed for used at the top of MCCB,the current transformer save a lot space and time.

Three phases (M3N1) current transformer suitable for primary ranged from 100A to 1200A with 5A secondary. Allowing installation directly on top of moulded case circuit breakers for greater speed of installation and optimisation of space. Applicable MCCB: ABB Isomax series, Merlin Gerlin NS series, Changshu CM1 series.



High quality triple current transformers

•System voltage 720V 50-60Hz
•Test voltage 3kV for 1 minute
•Thermal short circuit current (Ith) 60 x In
•Dynamic short circuit current (Idyn) 2.55 x Ith
•Flame retardant polycarbonate UL94V-0
•International standards IEC/EN 60044-1
•DIN rail, bus bar or base mounting
•3 sizes: 15 x 25mm, 21 x 25mm & 31 x 31mm apertures

 Cable apertures from 15.5mm to 31mm

TASN-25-60/5 60/5A Class 1VA
TASN-25-100/5 100/5A Class 1 1.5VA
TASN-25-125/5 125/5A Class 1 1.5VA
TASN-25-150/5 150/5A Class 1 1.5VA
TASN-25-160/5 160/5A Class 1 1.5VA
TASN-35-100/5 100/5A Class 1 1.5VA
TASN-35-125/5 125/5A Class 1 1.5VA
TASN-35-150/5 150/5A Class 1 1.5VA
TASN-35-160/5 160/5A Class 1 1.5VA
TASN-35-200/5 200/5A Class 1 1.5VA
TASN-35-250/5 250/5A Class 1 1.5VA
TASN-45-250/5 250/5A Class 1 1.5VA
TASN-45-300/5 300/5A Class 1 2.5VA
TASN-45-400/5 400/5A Class 1 2.5VA
TASN-45-500/5 500/5A Class 1 2.5VA
TASN-45-600/5 600/5A Class 1 2.5VA
TASN-45-630/5 630/5A Class 1 2.5VA



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